Building & Renewable Energy Image

Thermal Imaging Guidebook for Building

and Renewable Energy Applications

A must-have thermal imaging resource for any building and renewable energy professional

Introducing the basics

An introduction to the thermal imaging camera and how it works plus reasons to use thermal imaging for your job.

FLIR Building & Energy Guidebook Basics Pages

Inspecting buildings

Inspecting buildings with thermography is a powerful way of monitoring and diagnosing the condition of property.

FLIR Building & Energy Guidebook Building Inspection Pages

Inspecting solar panels

To ensure reliable operation during the lifetime of a solar module, thermal imaging can play an important role.

FLIR Building & Energy Guidebook Solar Panel Inspection Pages

Inspecting wind turbines

Thermal imaging cameras can play an important role in the wind turbine predictive maintenance programs.

FLIR Building & Energy Guidebook Wind Turbine Inspection Pages