Substation Thermal Imaging Clinic Set for Fall 2013
Finepoint Circuit Breaker in Atlanta

Join FLIR and the Infrared Training Center (ITC) Friday, October 11th at Finepoint’s 20th Annual Circuit Breaker Conference for a power-packed seminar on the benefits of Substation Thermal Imaging.

If quality maintenance, service interruption prevention, and worker safety improvements are vital to your company, this comprehensive, half-day session is essential training you won’t want to miss.

IR-Equipment-Overheating.jpg Overloaded-Transformer-Elbow-Connection.jpg Voltage-Switch-Enclosure-Overheating.jpg

Explore the many ways infrared cameras are helping to make inspections more efficient, effective, and safer. See demonstrations on how the technology detects and shows hotspots and temperature anomalies that signal overloaded bushings, impending connection failures, low oil levels, SF6 leaks, and more. Designed for electricians, engineers, managers, and executives alike, this special FLIR/ITC clinic provides a valuable learning opportunity chock-full of information about the positive practical and financial impact that thermal imaging continues to create for the power industry.

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