Take a Thermal Look at Your Problem


Researchers around the world are using FLIR cameras every day to solve challenges that are difficult by other means, or to improve on, or replace time consuming techniques like thermocouples.


FLIR’s infrared camera solutions provide non-contact temperature measurement, image through some materials or make the invisible visible using spectral filtering, capture high speed thermal events, synchronize cameras to other instruments and perform thermal microscopy measurements.


See for yourself how others are solving their research problems by reading through our application storybook:  FLIR Thermal Imaging for Science and R&D


Topics Include:

  • The advantages of IR thermography over thermocouples
  • Basic infrared imaging theory
  • Examples of research applications
  • The 5 Ss : Speed, Sensitivity, Spectral Filtering, Spatial Resolution, Synchronization
  • Extending temperature detection with Super Framing

And so much more…


Take a look at how others are using FLIR technology to solve their research challenges, and then give us a call to discuss yours.